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Smart Agenda Planning Technology
Smart Agenda Planning Technology
Smart Agenda Planning
Smart Agenda Planning Technology by Lineup Ninja

Stop wasting time on painstaking agenda scheduling tasks.

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Do more with less

Save hours of painstaking timetabling work.

Deliver quality events

Take control of event agenda curation and logistics.

Stay in control

Avoid embarrassing scheduling mistakes and handle last-minute changes easily.

The problem

Scheduling sessions into time slots can be painstaking and time-consuming. Each time you assign a session to a time and room, you may need to check:

That the speaker will definitely be there on that day of the event, and that they aren't doing something else at the same time.
That the room has any special equipment that the speaker has asked for.
That the session’s track matches the tracks assigned to that room.
If that session needs to take place before, after, or at the same time as others.
That the room is big enough for the expected audience size for that session.

This takes time, is repetitive and tedious. Boredom kicks in, attention wanders, and as the complexity of juggling so much data gets overwhelming, mistakes creep in.

Last-minute agenda changes can be particularly difficult, as you have to make those changes under time pressure, while lots of other tasks are competing for your attention.

The solution

Smart Agenda Planning addresses these problems by capturing the data you need to schedule sessions, and then continually checking them as you build your agenda.

Agenda-aware submission forms
Intelligent forms understand scheduling concepts like speakers' availability, track choices, venue preferences, resource needs and more. This data can then be used by the automated scheduling tools...
Create sessions from submissions
Add session scheduling rules like minimum venue capacity and running order.
Resource logistics planning
Map physical resources like AV equipment and Wi-Fi to venues, so sessions that need them can be matched to suitable spaces.
Smart agenda planning
Our algorithms make sure that speakers aren't double booked and sessions are in the right place at the right time. You can even build the whole agenda at the click of a button.

This eliminates hours of tedious work, freeing you up for the more intuitive and creative work of creating unforgettable events and delivering delegate value.

Last-minute changes can be handled in a few clicks while giving you confidence that mistakes aren't going to creep in to the agenda.