Lineup Ninja
Speaker management software
Speaker management software
Streamlined Content Collection
Easy Agenda Planning
Painless Content Distribution
30 minute consultation.
No sales pressure.

“ Across 5 events (each with 4-5 stages & 100+ speakers) Lineup Ninja has been REVOLUTIONARY for the team. It's intuitive which means our producers have been able to hit the ground running.

It's saved hundreds of hours of work already and has also removed pinch-points and reduced friction between various departments. “

- Gina Dale,
Operations Director

“ Working with Lineup Ninja has been revolutionary for us from a conference management perspective as it streamlines our time, and also from a marketing perspective as our users are able to navigate our content with ease.

The team have been incredibly helpful during onboarding and continue to proactively help us on an ongoing basis. It's been simple decision to use Lineup Ninja on as many of our brands as possible! “

- Imogen Thain,
Head of Digital

“ Lineup Ninja is an incredibly powerful tool, that integrates with all of our tech stack, meaning days of admin were saved, freeing us up to focus on running our event rather than worrying about endless spreadsheets and data management.

We received fantastic support from the lineup ninja team every step of the way. “

- Nick Westerman,
Senior Events Manager
30 minute consultation.
No sales pressure.
How Lineup Ninja works

Streamlined Content Collection

Configurable workflows allow you to build your own content collection process, and automate routine speaker communications and tracking tasks.

The speaker portal gives speakers a simple content submission and onboarding journey by providing a single place for tasks and communication.

Improve team collaboration by managing speaker communications in one place, that can be accessed by your whole team.

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Easy Agenda Planning

Smart agenda builder tracks each sessions' scheduling needs and alerts you to issues.

Speaker availability and clash detection as standard. Rule-based session scheduling allows you to match sessions to theaters based on topic, anticipated audience size, AV requirements, session running order rules and more.

Lineup Ninja's auto-scheduling tool can even build the whole agenda for you based on your sessions' needs.

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Painless Content Distribution

Lineup Ninja is the single source of truth for your agenda, that can publish to your event's website, marketing platform, matchmaking app, virtual event platform and digital signage.

Make agenda changes in one place; update everywhere with a few clicks. Say goodbye to endless CSV exports, imports and version control headaches. And when you really do need to export your data, we give you fully customizable reports.

AV technicians can pull the latest versions of slide decks down for presentation on the show floor.

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Great Visitor Experience

Mobile-first agenda web app included. No app to install. Users can access from any device.

Web-based digital signage delivers a dynamic agenda that updates in real time.

Reduce your tech costs while giving visitors a simple, clean experience.

Drive revenue with more space for sponsors' logos.

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Expand your content capabilities with these easy-to-implement integrations.

New integrations added regularly. Can't see what you need? Ask!

30 minute consultation.
No sales pressure.

“ I love using Lineup Ninja.

The agenda planner is beautiful. I get such as sense of satisfaction when I turn it all green!

And I have never experienced support like it from a software company.

You actually listened to what I needed and then delivered exactly the right thing! “

- Catherine Whalen,

“ Lineup Ninja has streamlined our content collecting across all of our events; it has not just made it easier for us but also for our speakers, who are able to use the portal to upload and amend their sessions throughout the content collection process.

Having our speaker and agenda information in one place with the ability to push out changes to the website, apps and digital signage in real-time means we are more in control of when, where and what we would like to display. “

- David Juniper,
Group Director

“ We've been using Lineup Ninja for 18 months in planning our annual event in November at the Eden Project.

3 days, 14 stages, 180 sessions, 400 speakers, 12 professional moderators, and 4 types of sessions. The complexity meant that we needed a single source of truth for the project team as well as the speakers and participants. Quite honestly Lineup Ninja has been our biggest saviour. “

- Andreas Kolind,
Agenda Director